image TUNULA- Why all you gotta do is look around you

Many a times we’ve wanted to make an impact and yet failed miserably. maybe we ought not to blame ourselves wholly, but also watch out for our challenges. If you’ve read the menu on the top of this blog, you definitely know what I am talking about right.

This is Tunula. We went with TK to do the Tunula shoot and what you see in the featured image plus a little more images is want we achieved. It is all true. in the picture, it is me sitting in the street-children’s sleeping place. img_7611You might not believe it until you join. Trust me, I have been there.



  1. This is very innovative Betty… I love that you are using modelling to express challenges that an African child faces. I really believe it is going to create impact.

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  2. alot of times, we see problems around us but make no endavours to work towards solving them.Through our different passions , we can create more awareness about the different challenges we face. Thumbs up for Tunula for the incredible work incredible work it is doing. Keep the fire burning babe coz i got you .

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